Our Process – how we’re different . . .

The foundation of a successful search assignment is a thorough understanding of the client’s needs and expectations. From there you can develop the search strategy, source the right candidates, conduct interviews and so forth. Most reputable search firms do all these things and follow essentially the same standard steps when executing on a search.   Where we differ is our focus on predictive hiring and our approach to leadership assessment.

Forbes Identification of Talent™ (FIT™) Hiring Process

FIT™ is a strengths-based hiring system that is grounded in over a decade of empirical and academic research. Unlike traditional models for hiring which are backward looking and focused on past results, FIT™ is forward looking. It is designed to help us (and our clients) better predict which leadership candidate is most likely to succeed in a future, more challenging assignment. Our predictive hiring tool and proprietary leadership assessment model provide companies with a distinct hiring advantage.

Predictive Hiring (using our Success Profile Generator™)

The sole purpose of an employment interview is to predict success on the job.

Recruiting people capable of delivering measurably superior results requires a clear and precise understanding of the factors that predict success for a position.   You need to know that the things you are measuring actually predict performance on the job. If what you are measuring is not predictive of job success, then the entire interview and assessment process is a complete waste of time. You might as well put the names of all the applicants in a hat and just pick one – or shake a magic 8 ball.

Our Success Profile Generator™ (SPG™) is a specialized position analysis tool that helps uncover what really tends to make people successful in a position – the real Difference Makers at the top. Think about business – it’s all about that same sort of thing. Simplify, get your assumptions nailed down, focus on the top things, don’t get caught in the weeds – and that is where this tool can help.

When the “right” things get measured, the “right” people get hired.

Leadership Assessment  

The biggest challenge facing hiring authorities and recruiters is the ability to accurately assess executive level talent.

To hire great people, you need to first source great candidates. Finding the candidates, however, is not the real challenge. Any reputable search firm can find qualified candidates, some more quickly than others. With the Internet and all the tools at our disposal, practically all executives are accessible by any firm. It’s important to understand that the ability to find candidates is very different from the ability to accurately assess them. Finding is straightforward and relatively easy. Assessing is hard.

Our leadership assessment methodology is built around the factors that predict leadership success today. These factors make up the framework of our approach and stem from the Six Primary Tasks of Effective Leaders and the Seven Vital Character Traits of Champions.

We take a two-pronged approach. We assess leaders against the key Performance Objectives and the key predictors of success generated by our SPG™ tool. Performance objectives tell us who CAN DO the job. These candidates make it to the short list. The Success Profile tells us who is most likely to achieve outstanding performance.   This determines the ranking of the finalists.