Why work with The Forbes Group?

Deep Expertise – our devotion to mastering the “art and science” of executive selection is what sets us apart.

We have spent years integrating our own practical experience with contemporary academic research in the areas of corporate culture, leadership, assessment and analytics. In 2014 our efforts culminated in the development of unique tools and processes (e.g. SPG™ and FIT™) that improve the odds of selecting winners.


Relevant – our Model for Hiring is relevant to the 21st Century.

While the world has changed and what is required to succeed today has changed along with it, the vast majority of companies and search firms continue to assess leaders pretty much the same way that they did 30 years ago.

Our model for hiring is relevant for today’s dynamic business environment, where past experience and past performance are no longer the barometer for future success.


Unique Tools – We have developed unique tools for identifying the predictors of success.

Recruiting people capable of delivering measurably superior results requires a clear and precise understanding of the factors that predict success.


Absolute Focus – We conduct no more than two or three searches at a time.

You can be one of 10 search assignments being conducted by a large company recruiter, or one of three conducted by The Forbes Group.


Because Results are What Count!

We have a 100% search completion ratio. More than 90% of the people we have placed were still in their position after 2 years.

Compare that to the industry titans . . .

In a March, 2009 interview with Financial Times, the CEO of global executive search powerhouse Heidrick & Struggles, revealed the results of an internal study of 20,000 executive searches performed by his firm . . .

“40% of executives hired at the senior level are pushed out, fail, or quit within 18 months”. It’s expensive in terms of lost revenue. It’s expensive in terms of the individual’s hiring. It’s damaging to morale.”   Kevin Kelly, CEO, Heidrick & Struggles